Refining Services

Dear sir or madam

Thank you for your interest in our services.
Here you find general information for sellers and seller reps.
Yes, our company buys gold from all over the world.
We have been in business for 10 years with our office at same location for 8 years.
We are open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm plus by appointment.


Suppliers/sellers/couriers/representatives come/lift/ship to our office in Hong Kong or deposit into our Brinks or Loomis account at any of their office locations worldwide.
If needed, we also organize airport pickup, hotel, catering and entertainment here in Hong Kong.
We also provide support with visa application for Hong Kong by issuing invitation letter.


Our procedure is straight:

Small volume (few kg): we smelt, test and pay. High volume: we assay, refine and pay.


We usually pay by international wire in prefered currency (any of top10). Part payment in cash is also no problem.

The smaller the volume, the quicker we can process your material.
For high volume execution time depends on transport and refining capacity.


General guideline for procedure time: 1-5kg: 1-2hours, 6-20kg: same or next business day depending on your arrival, 21-500kg: 2-5 business days.


All is very transparent and we provide full paperwork.
Suppliers/sellers/couriers/representatives who come to town usually wait until paid.


But please also be informed that we receive 10-20 emails and calls from potential sellers every day.
Unfortunately 99% of these are conducted by scammers who waste our time and still need to find a way to lead an honest life.


We do not entertain to any requests for upfront payments for taxes, shipping, storage, insurance, tickets, LC, BG, PB ... or alike.

If your gold tests real your costs are refunded with the purchase price.


If you are a genuine seller or represent a genuine seller, please be invited to do your due diligence on our company and to visit our office or call us.

We guarantee you will be highly satisfied with our services and return for repetitive business.